Virtual Fundraising

Harness a powerful new way to raise awareness of and funds for your organization without the restriction of location.

We've Helped Non-Profits Raise Over $5.75 Million using our custom virtual fundraising event platform

Elements of a successful virtual fundraiser

The Production

Our tried and true video progression template was carefully crafted in collaboration with the Benevon organization to maximize emotional impact to the viewer in order to inspire support. 


The Platform

We have developed a suite of tools to maximize the ease for your event participants. We have easy customizable RSVP forms, automated reminder emails, an event space with live chat and giving forms. We craft a complete user experience that reflects your organization’s look, feel and voice.

The Experience

Participants in your virtual fundraiser with receive reminder emails with a person join link that seamlessly brings them into the event. In the event they will be able to chat with fellow participants and receive help giving if needed. Our giving system allows participants to stay in the event during and after the giving process.

Recent Virtual Fundraisers