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Have you ever wondered how make their Gmail signature look so professional? They have a nice headshot or a logo along with relevant information like their title, website and contact information plus some social media buttons.

Here is how you can have a professional Gmail signature too!

Open Microsoft Word (yes you heard me right)

  1. Open up a new blank document in Word.
  2. Click Insert tab at the top
  3. Choose 1 row and 2 columns Left will be your photo and the right will have all your information
  4. In the right-hand cell, type out all the information you want people to see in your Gmail signature. Example: Sam Eberle Mercury Multimedia 434.414.4970
  5. Add your brand colors
  6. Click Table Design tab
  7. Next to Border Styles change the line thickness to 2 1/4 pt
  8. Click Border Painter on the far right
  9. Click on the vertical line separating your 2 cells on the table
  10. Then click-and-drag to select the whole table and copy it (Mac command+c, Windows ctrl+c)
  11. Head over to Gmail
  12. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner
  13. Scroll down to the signature panel
  14. Paste your table (Mac command+v, Windows ctrl+v)
  15. Now you can add your images!
  16. Click in the left cell
  17. Click the Image icon (little grey box with mountains)
  18. Click Upload at the top
  19. Drag-and-drop your image or click the blue “Select a file from your device” button and find your image that way
  20. Click Select in the bottom left

Now you’ve got your very own professional signature!
You could also repeat steps 13-16 and add social icons to your signature.
I hope this was helpful to you. Leave a comment below if you have any feedback or great ideas to jazz up gmail signatures!